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Black History Month kicks off

Black History Month 2014


Kick Off Ceremony 2013

Cooking Demonstrations at KMFRC

With the support of The Kingston Military Family Resource Centre (KMFRC),  The Afro-Caribe Foundation Of Kingston and District, The Defense Diversity Advisory Group of Kingston, KACC was able to facilitate the food demonstrations as part of Black History month activities in Kingston. Follow this link to view the demonstrations.

Black History Month 2008


Who is KACC?

The Kingston African and Caribbean Collective evolved in 2007 out of the Queen’s Black History Month committee teaming up with members of the greater Kingston Community. This was in response to the growing need for an organization that promotes awareness of the history, culture and daily experiences of people of African and Caribbean descent in the Kingston community. In furthering the need to promote awareness on issues pertaining to visible minorities, cross cultural education for all is of great importance; that is why KACC has partnered with the Kingston Garrison Diversity Group to bring you this event.


This partnership signals a new beginning in terms of shared interest between the Defence Visible Minority Advisory Group (DVMAG) at CFB Kingston and the Kingston African and Caribbean collective. It paves the way for exchanges of common experiences between the two partners.


I would like to formally thank each and every one of you for whatever contribution you made to make this very first Annual BHM Reception a success.


Dr. Rosemary Sadlier…


Dr. Rosemary Sadlier

Rosemary is an outstanding author and the well-respected President of the Ontario Black History Society. Sadlier has completed her doctoral course work at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto in the Department of Sociology & Equity Studies in Education.


Under Ms. Sadlier's leadership, the OBHS has been successful in advocating the provincial, then federal government to declare February as Black History Month throughout Canada and effective 1996 it became a national celebration.  To extend the celebration of February BHM, Canadian Heritage started the annual Mathieu da Costa Awards and Sadlier has been an adjudicator for this award programme. Other recent successful initiatives of the OBHS include the proclaiming of August 1st as Emancipation Day by the City of Toronto, Metro Toronto and Ottawa and the proclaiming of December 26th as the beginning of Kwanzaa by the City of Toronto and Metro Toronto. The OBHS in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation has hosted two Black Heritage Forums. Sadlier was one of two Blacks chosen to participate in a national volunteer roundtable. The OBHS bus tour, Discover Black History in Toronto is now included in the internationally recognized Guide's Guide to the Underground Railroad - the photographs and the text created by Sadlier. 

Sadlier has written four books including Leading the Way: Black Women in Canada (1993), Mary Ann Shadd: Publisher, Editor, Teacher, Lawyer, Suffragette (1994) and Tubman: Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, Her Life in the United States and Canada (1996). Her bestselling book, The Kids Book of Black Canadian History (2003) was nominated for Silver Birch Award, the Hackmatack Award, the Red Cedar Award and other international awards (eg. White Raven Award - Germany) and was ranked number one in children’s literature by the Quill and Quire in October 2003. Sadlier’s work was selected to be included in the Governor General’s inaugural exhibit Black Ink/Encre Noire (2006).






Richard Neilson


Richard Neilson

Born and raised in Kingston, Ont.

Education in Kingston and employed in industry in Kingston.


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Kingston Whig-Standard, Kingston, Ont. – for Black History Month

  • Feb. 1997 – “Early Mail System Owed A Great Deal of Debt to George Mink”
  • Feb. 1998 “James and Maria Elder Operated Successful Business”
  • Compiler, Marine News in the Kingston Newspapers, 1810-1890
       searchable at:


  • Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston – life-time member; served 2 three-year terms on Board of Directors; was also an editor for museum’s journal “Freshwater.”
  • Great Lakes Historical Society, Vermilion, Ohio – member since 1981.
  • Preserve Our Wrecks, Kingston – a founding and current member since 1980 – continues to help with installing mooring blocks (diver certification in 1971).
  • Save Ontario Shipwrecks – a member since it’s founding in 1980.
  • Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation, Kingston – a member since 1980’s.


  • RIVER PALACE – The Many Lives of the Kingston – with Walter Lewis; scheduled to be printed July 2008 by Natural Heritage Books, an imprint of THE DUNDURN GROUP, listed in Spring/Summer 2008 Catalogue.